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Luxury class loses significant popularity

When people say luxury sedan in Germany, they probably don’t first think of Bentley or Rolls Royce. Another model comes to mind immediately: the S-Class from Mercedes. Since the early 1970s at the latest, this car has been regarded as the epitome of luxury, reliability, safety and lasting value on four wheels. It used to be called a state car. […]

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WLTP makes vehicle taxation very complex

The introduction of the WLTP test procedure in September 2018 caused quite a stir. Although the date had been set for a long time, new cars could not be delivered to customers for weeks because recalculated consumption and CO2 figures were not yet available for numerous model variants. This is a prerequisite, as in some European countries vehicle taxes are […]

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Passenger car equipment is very heterogeneous worldwide

Different countries show different preferences. When it comes to vehicle equipment, there are significant differences depending on which region of the world we’re looking at. This can also be seen on cars of various brands coming from America, Asia and Europe. American makes are primarily regarded as comfort-oriented and spacious. Asian manufacturers often display a penchant for electronic playfulness. And […]

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Only Tesla can keep up with the established manufacturers

French car brands have almost traditionally been very popular in Germany. Renault, for example, was the most successful imported brand for many years. And even today, it’s hard to imagine German roads without Twingo, Clio and the like. Why should this be any different with electric cars? On the contrary: Renault’s Zoe has been the most popular e-car in Germany […]

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High performance does not mean high consumption

Six liters per 100 km. Every driver understands this unit immediately. They know right away whether it’s a lot or a little. It gets more complicated with CNG-powered vehicles, because then consumption is measured in kilograms. And what about electric vehicles? Who knows which drive is efficient and which is not? Usually, only e-car owners. And in which unit is […]

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Less and less SUVs with four-wheel drive

SUVs go like sliced bread. The trend towards Sports Utility Vehicles has been continuing for several years now. The reasons for their popularity are the good space available, the comfortable entry and the subjective feeling of safety. However, it is doubtful whether the improved clarity, which is also often mentioned, will soon be an argument if the SUV boom continues […]

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No electric car boom because of a Volks-electric-wagen

E-Auto beim Aufladen

When Volkswagen launched its major marketing campaign for the first newly developed all-electric model ID.3 in spring, this was probably intended to send a signal. Here we go… with electric mobility for everyone. The ID.3, which after the Beetle and Golf is supposed to symbolize something like Volkswagen 3.0, will not be delivered until mid-2020. At least those interested in […]

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