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Less and less SUVs with four-wheel drive

SUVs go like sliced bread. The trend towards Sports Utility Vehicles has been continuing for several years now. The reasons for their popularity are the good space available, the comfortable entry and the subjective feeling of safety. However, it is doubtful whether the improved clarity, which is also often mentioned, will soon be an argument if the SUV boom continues […]

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No electric car boom because of a Volks-electric-wagen

E-Auto beim Aufladen

When Volkswagen launched its major marketing campaign for the first newly developed all-electric model ID.3 in spring, this was probably intended to send a signal. Here we go… with electric mobility for everyone. The ID.3, which after the Beetle and Golf is supposed to symbolize something like Volkswagen 3.0, will not be delivered until mid-2020. At least those interested in […]

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The future CO2 targets change the conditions of the automobile market in the long term

As part of the IAA, JATO Dynamics invited its customers to the business networking event. This year’s theme: “The Automotive Industry and its CO2 Challenges – is the industry ready for the CO2 emission targets 2020/21 and beyond? First of all, some of the most important aspects of the development from 2020 onwards, the influence of WLTP and the trends […]

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This is how far the range goes

Electric mobility is a difficult topic in Germany. After all, in 2010 the German government had set the goal of having one million electric cars on German roads by 2020. The target is being missed by a long way and has been corrected to 2022. Earlier this year, the consulting firm McKinsey identified three main reasons among German motorists that […]

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Not without my assistance system

Electronic aids such as driver assistance systems or car connectivity have become indispensable in modern cars. This is not surprising. Features such as emergency braking, lane departure warning or night vision assist significantly improve road safety. And hardly anyone would want to do without the convenience of telematics, speech recognition or automatic parking systems. But how successful are the technical […]

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Vans drive slowly into the offside

Just a few years ago they were still very popular – especially among young families with several children. No, we are not talking about Riester pension contracts, but about large-capacity limousines or also called vans. But in the meantime, the vehicles known as MPVs (multipurpose vehicles) such as the VW Sharan and Touran, Renault Espace or Ford S-Max and Galaxy […]

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